Your Vision + My Support = Great Things!

Hi! I'm Sheila!

I believe you have something great to offer the world and my mission is to help you get it out there.  

I want the world to be better and my strength lies in supporting the creative brilliance and magic of others.

 I believe in what you’re doing and I want to help make it happen!

My Zone of Genius

We’re all born with different strengths and weaknesses. I love to learn and be creative. I also love to help and nurture. I’ll probably never be the one leading the charge up the hill but if that’s the way we’re headed then you can count on me to make sure we’ve got all the supplies we’ll need along the way along with a cheerful, positive attitude.

I like variety – that’s the learning and creativity part of me, I think. Taking on new projects keeps things interesting which is important to me. Just take a look around this website and you will see the variety of jobs and projects I’ve done already.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to helping...

Behind-the-scenes, quietly, just doing what needs to be done. Offering a helping hand to bring that dream to life. After all, it’s always more fun when you can bring someone along to share the heavy lifting. It might even seem a little less like work that way.

What I Love To Do

These are a few of my favorite things…

magnifying glass with question mark
Quality Control
Reading, Learning, and Teaching
Bring Ideas to Life
road map doodle
Road Trips
mountains with clouds
Time Outside

It is always such a pleasure to work with Sheila. She brings a smile and a positive attitude to every task. I appreciate how quickly she can pivot and adapt at a moment’s notice without skipping a beat – no simple task when you’re leading a group of young children! I love how she cared for each and every one of the children as if they were her very own while also putting in hours of extra work behind the scenes, bringing the curriculum up-to-date and finding new ways to make learning an immersive experience.

– Meredith, Parkwood School

Fun Facts About Me!

Okay, some people might call these quirky facts…

smiley face
I love smiley faces!

And also exclamation points!! (and let’s not forget the ellipsis who is an unsung hero in my opinion…)

I have read the entire Trixie Belden series no less than 10 times.

I still have my childhood collection and every now and then I will re-read one of my favorites. (#13 The Mystery on Cobbett’s Island is top of the list!)

stack of books
eighth note musical note
I occasionally rock out to kids' music.

My children are all teens and young adults now but I still like to rock out to the music from Sandra Boynton and also the Backyardigans. What can I say? Those are some good tunes!

My Girl Scout camp name was Mouse.

And I still get a Christmas card from Chipmunk every year.

doodle outline of tent
woman in pink sweater standing in front of pine trees

Put ME Behind YOUR Every Day

I’m steady, dependable, and cheerful. I bring my whole heart to everything I do.
Together we go farther.