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Behind Your Every Day is the answer you’ve been looking for!  I’m Sheila, a multi-talented virtual assistant, and I would love to help you with a project today.

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Your Vision + My Support = Great Things!

I believe you have something great to offer the world and my mission is to help you get it out there.  I want the world to be better and my strength lies in supporting the creative brilliance and magic of others. I believe in what you’re doing and I want to help make it happen!

Too Many Projects?

Do you have an over-flowing list of projects and not enough time to do them all?  

Need some help to meet a deadline?  

I love the variety of new projects and would be excited to jump in and help you make it across the finish line.

My Favorite Projects!

These are my favorite types of projects to work on but if you need help with something else, please reach out because I love to mix in new projects too. 

Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Virtual Assistance

You name it, I can probably do it. Projects with a beginning and an end are my favorite because they keep the variety coming. Podcast editing, simple video editing, systems planning and organization, proofreading... The list goes on! What can I help YOU with?

Audiobook Proofing

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your latest narration project because you want it to be perfect. Don’t worry – I will bring my fresh eyes and ears (and a fine-tooth comb!) to your audio files to find and mark every sneaky little mistake – word switches, incorrect pronunciations, background noises – is that a dog snore I hear? – so that you can make your recording the best it can be.
$25 PFH

Pet Care Services

You want your pets to have the best care possible when you can’t be with them yourself. From private dog-walks to drop-in pet care, I'm available to love and care for your pets when you can't. Serving the Vienna, VA area.

get to know me a little more

If you were to read my resume you would probably notice quite an eclectic variety of experiences. (Camp Counselor, US Navy Supply Corps Officer, Pre-School Teacher, Executive Assistant, Event Planner) But if you read between the lines, you will notice a common thread…

Teamwork and Behind-the-Scenes Support

My thoroughness, attention-to-detail, and do whatever it takes attitude make me an excellent partner for your projects.

I’d love to add my creativity, organization skills, and eye for detail to make your business even better.

Sheila has worked with me in a variety of capacities over the years. She is creative, bright, responsible, organized, and learns quickly. 

I’m pretty sure there is nothing Sheila can’t do.

– Christy Belt Grossman

CEO, Ops Boss® Coaching

What are you waiting for?

Message me today with any questions you might have and let’s get to work!