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Let's Make Your Narration the Best It Can Be!

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your latest narration project because you want it to be perfect. Unfortunately for you, your brain knows the story so well, it has started to replace errors with corrections that aren’t there (yet!). 

But don’t worry – I will bring my fresh eyes and ears (and a fine-tooth comb!) to your audio files to find and mark every sneaky little mistake – word switches, incorrect pronunciations, background noises – is that a dog snore I hear? – so that you can make your recording the best it can be.

Common Proofing Errors Caught

These are the most common errors found when proofing.


I get it... your tongue gets tired and trips over itself sometimes. It happens to the best of us!


Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe... Is that a regional difference or a mistake?

Missing Words

Sometimes you leave words out and...

Extra Words

Sometimes you put extra words in.


Did you use the wrong character voice there? Is the accent inconsistent?


This instead of the, red instead of purple... sometimes narrators just say the wrong word!

Background noises or other sounds

Wait, was that my cell phone dinging or yours? Is there a crackle in the background?

Editing mistakes

A repeated phrase that didn't get cut? An edit that cuts off the end of the word? It happens...

Pacing, Emphasis, Flow

Does the narration sound off? Does the flow distract from the story? Is the narrator rushing a particular phrase?

How Does It Work?

1. Reserve a spot on my calendar.

Be sure to plan ahead! I usually have two spots per month available for proofing projects. I request one day per finished hour of audio to complete my review, so make sure you add enough time for my proofing and your pickups when looking at your deadlines.

2. Pay 50% deposit.

For the first project together, I ask for a 50% deposit paid before work begins.

3. Share the files.

The manuscript and edited (not raw) audio files will be uploaded to a shared folder (usually Google Drive or Dropbox). I will add my proof sheet with all noted errors to the folder when complete.

two receipts
4. Make Final Payment and Corrections.

Once I've made a note of any inconsistencies or errors in the recordings, you can record corrections (pickups), complete your final mastering of the files, and pay the remaining balance due.

Sheila is thorough, efficient, and reliable. She hears it all, and from my experience, nothing gets by her fastidious ears! Not only can she be trusted to painstakingly catch every slip up in my diction, or alert to any inconsistencies, she also very clearly spells out where to find the error, which really helps the pickup process move along quickly. Overall, she is a pleasure to work with, and is someone that I know I can trust for a detailed proofing service.

– Joel

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Sheila is a dream to work with! Every time I work with her I know I'm going to get everything I need, with more detail than I expect, before my deadline. I feel confident delivering the final audiobook to the author because I know that Sheila has my back!


I've got my unicorn headphones and my coffee... I'm ready to go!

I can't wait to proof your next book!

Sadly, the unicorn headphones are not comfortable enough for regular use but they are an important accessory when celebrating #NationalUnicornDay.

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