They Like Me!


Sheila is easy to get along with, communicates well, and is really just fun to work with!

– Joel

Sheila is so good at taking ownership of projects that she is often keeping ME on track which, as a busy business owner, is just amazing. Nothing falls through the cracks with Sheila. She’s such an asset to my business.

– Beth Anne

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Sheila is a dream to work with! Every time I work with her I know I’m going to get everything I need, with more detail than I expect, before my deadline. I feel confident delivering the final audiobook to the author because I know that Sheila has my back!

– Larissa

Sheila is thorough, efficient, and reliable. She hears it all, and from my experience, nothing gets by her fastidious ears! Not only can she be trusted to painstakingly catch every slip up in my diction, or alert to any inconsistencies, she also very clearly spells out where to find the error, which really helps the pickup process move along quickly. Overall, she is a pleasure to work with, and is someone that I know I can trust for a detailed proofing service.

– Joel

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It is always such a pleasure to work with Sheila. She brings a smile and a positive attitude to every task. I appreciate how quickly she can pivot and adapt at a moment’s notice without skipping a beat – no simple task when you’re leading a group of young children! I love how she cared for each and every one of the children as if they were her very own while also putting in hours of extra work behind the scenes, bringing the curriculum up-to-date and finding new ways to make learning an immersive experience.

– Meredith

I'm pretty sure there's nothing Sheila can't do.

Sheila has worked with me in a variety of capacities over the years. She is creative, bright, responsible, organized, and learns quickly.
I now count on her not just administratively (for things like proofreading, billing, marketing and a myriad of other executive assistant tasks), but more importantly as a valued partner who provides unique perspective and insight when I am making business decisions. Her thirst for learning means she often brings things to the table that I as CEO might not have thought of. Thanks to her research and planning, our company was able to host our first on-site annual conference for clients, something that now contributes 30% of our yearly profitability. She took my vision and executed brilliantly, taking the event from idea to reality. This was done with minimal direction; a highly appreciated skill by an entrepreneur who moves quickly. Her thoroughness, attention to detail and do-whatever it takes attitude provided an amazing attendee experience, which contributed to our ability to grow the conference by 40% in the second year.
My business is focused on teaching and coaching others who are Ops Bosses® and I couldn’t be prouder to work with someone who sets the bar high in that regard. I’m pretty sure there is nothing Sheila can’t do.

Christy Belt Grossman

CEO, Ops Boss® Coaching

While she's professional and courteous, her sense of fun and love of life just bleeds through every communication, and my day is a little bit brighter after having talked to her!

– Larissa